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Guarantor Transactions is a service for making secure transactions on the Internet of varying complexity. When buying or selling goods online, you never know who your counterparty really is. Both parties are interested in the transaction being as fair as possible and in accordance with the agreements. In this case, the Guarantor is an intermediary in your trade relations, to avoid fraud and dishonesty of either party.

Do you want to be sure and Are you calm? With us it’s easy and simple!

Service percentage: 5% if the transaction amount is less than $500, and 3% if more. Minimum commission – $20.


Transactions on our service are carried out as follows:

1. The seller and buyer must contact the chat on our website or create a general chat in telegram.

2. The seller and buyer must agree on the subject of the transaction – that the product or service is completely satisfactory for the buyer. This is a very important point, since all terms of the transaction must be agreed between all parties in the chat.

3. The seller and buyer create a transaction.

4. The buyer replenishes the balance of the transaction (our account) in the negotiated currency.

5. After replenishing our balance, the seller transfers the goods (provides services) to the buyer.

6. The buyer checks the goods (resets passwords in case of a transaction with an account, website, etc.).

7. If everyone is satisfied with everything, then we complete the transfer of funds to the seller.

If in the process After checking the product/service, the buyer considers it not relevant to continue the transaction for any reason, we also return the funds back without deduction of our commission. In this case, the seller should not have any complaints about the returned product.

All communication and transmission confidential information is provided through a chat inside the transaction, which is available to the participants of the transaction, as well as the administration of the BitCash service.

To start a transaction, contact the chat on the website.

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