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Where and how to buy Bitcoin – this question interests many. People want to buy it without losing commission. How to do it better, more profitable or faster, it all depends on the chosen method of exchange and service.

To buy bitcoin, you need to have a bitcoin wallet. If it is missing, you must register. To store Bitcoin, we recommend using the BLOCKCHAIN.COM wallet.

There are several ways to buy cryptocurrency.

A cryptocurrency exchanger is a service that provides services for online exchange of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for electronic money (Kiwi, Yandex Money, WebMoney, Perfect Money, etc.) and fiat money (Sber Bank, Privat Bank, VTB, etc.).

Popular exchange directions are not today: Kiwi for Bitcoin, Sberbank for Bitcoin, Yandek Money for Bitcoin, Kiwi for Lightcoin, Bitcoin for Kiwi., WebMoney for Bitcoin.

Today, there are many online exchangers that provide the ability to exchange bitcoins. Among them are two main categories – exchangers and stock exchanges. The main difference between the online exchanger and the exchange is that you can find a more profitable exchange rate on the exchange, and the first is to choose if the speed of the operation and small amounts of exchange (up to 100$) are important. Exchange service is always based on the exchange rate of any exchange. The rest of the mechanisms are similar.

Each crypto exchanger has its own specifics. One works only with virtual payment systems, the other with the withdrawal of funds on a bank card. Due to the changing course, choosing one crypto exchanger for a long time will not work, because after a while it will be more profitable to use another crypto exchanger.

Among online services providing bitcoin exchange services there is our exchanger which has a simple and intuitive design, a clear tariff systеm and currency limits in reserve. The course is determined based on data from the Exmo exchange. Our exchanger charges a fee of 4-5%, and the minimum amount of commission is 100 rubles, which is indicated on the service website. Also, a distinctive feature of our service is the purchase of Bitcoin from 5$.

Our service provides currency exchange services such as: Kiwi to Bitcoin, SberBank to Bitcoin, Yandek Money to Bitcoin, Kiwi to Lightcoin, Bitcoin to Kiwi, as well as Efirium, Exmo codes, Skril.

The advantages of bitcoin crypto-exchangers also have the ability to quickly and efficiently communicate with website operators who will show and help you to perform the exchange correctly. But you need to look at the mode of operation of the service since not everyone works 24/7.

What to do: Enter the number of bitcoins you need to get. Perform all necessary actions specifying the details and click the exchange button. And after a certain amount of time, get Bitcoins on the wallet. On average, our exchanger processes the application up to 3 minutes.

An important point in choosing a cryptocurrency exchanger is its legality and security, now there are a lot of phishing sites, clone sites and just scammers on the net that can deprive you of money. Before the exchange, always check this service for reliability, it can be done on popular monitoring exchangers (,, etc.) known crypto forums and so on. The exchanger should have positive feedback from trusted forum members, and approval from moderators.

One of the advantages of exchangers is the ability to increase your income by posting an affiliate link to the exchange. For each transaction completed by your affiliate link you receive a reward in the amount of 0.5% to 6% of the exchange amount. The percentage of deductions depends on the amount of transactions performed on your affiliate link:

0-99 USD – 0.5%

USD 100-999 – 1%

1000-4999 USD – 2%

5000-9999 USD – 3%

USD 10,000-19999 – 4%

over 20,000 USD – 5%

Exchange YoBit – you can trust and buy bitcoin through it. It is not large, but interesting. Many people love this exchange, as pampas are made here and there are coins that can quickly fly up and fall quickly as well.

First of all, to work with this exchange you need to register. Then you need to protect – connect mail, so that the findings are confirmed by mail. After registration, choose a wallet that offers the exchange with the lowest commission, or without it. Make a payment. Choose a currency pair, and if the price suits you – buy Bitcoin.

LocalBitcoins is a service where you can safely buy Bitcoin. Exchange, where users trade Bitcoin with each other. For this it is possible to use different payment wallets. Many people choose the LocalBitcoins exchange, as privacy is at the highest level – no personal information is required. First you need to register. Next, sеlect the best selling proposition. Notify the seller by sending a message that contains a request with needs.

Electronic money that was purchased, will go to the internal account in the service. There are no doubts in the stock exchange, because it has been working on the market for a long time. Options for payment in it, there are many. But, it is necessary to sеlect traders very carefully, since fraudsters can wield on LocalBitcoins. The systеm, based on the principle of trust, to beginners is not great. Therefore, in order to earn trust and reputation, they will have to limit themselves to minimal transactions that will not bring a large amount.

Exmo – registration on this exchange takes one minute. The advantage here will be secure wallets, favorable commission, payment methods, support, trading algorithms and speed. There is also social activity. Groups are available in many social networks in which news is constantly being added. It is possible to join the group and study the information, which is a big plus of the exchange. Exmo is good because there are already ready wallets. There is an internal exchange, you can do without exchangers sites.

BTC Banker is a telegram bot. You can buy Bitcoin from your smartphone or from your computer. First you need to install a telegram messenger. Then you need to go to the BTC Banker page. sеlect the “open application” tab. The window of the bot exchanger opens. The request robot is looking for a buyer or seller of Bitcoin, and acts as a guarantor of the transaction. Also the telegram bot stores all savings and, if necessary, allows you to make instant transfers without compulsory payments.

If you still have any questions you can contact us in the chat and try to help you.

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