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Mon-Sun 8:00 – 24:00 (UTC+3)

BitCash Pay is an international transfer service operating since 2016

We help solve problems of international transfers, including the conversion of cryptocurrencies. With us, you can quickly and reliably buy/sell real estate or other goods in more than 95 countries around the world for both fiat and cryptocurrency.

Our infrastructure includes dozens of accounts of legal entities and individuals in banks and payment systems around the world.


We work in all countries of Europe and Asia


→ Payment for any goods and services – from hotel rooms to cars and real estate
→ We accept and send USD, EUR to an individual’s account
→ We pay to the accounts of legal entities
→ We accept payments from European companies with subsequent conversion into national currency
→ We issue cash in almost all capitals of the world

Here you can find evidence of our reliability and competence: Our guarantees


Accepting payments
In any form
Non-cash under an import contract, as well as cryptocurrencies, cash, transfer to a card. We will agree on a flexible payment method if required.
Currency conversion cost
For free
We exchange at the MOEX exchange rate at the time of payment receipt.
Currencies we work with

Dollar (USD)
Euro (EUR)
Yuan (CNY)
Dirham (AED)
Korean won (KRW)
Yen (JPY)
Pound sterling (GBP)
Other currencies – as agreed

Transfer fee
from 2,9%
The commission depends on the payment amount and the method in which you pay for the security. As well as the currency that the supplier receives.


How we are working

Payment terms
Making a deal
  • Register in personal account.
  • Chat on the website or email
  • BitCash Pay will create a group in Telegram to discuss the details of the translation
  • You will send an invoice from the seller, we will help prepare the necessary documents
  • You provide payment security for goods/real estate (cryptocurrency or fiat)
  • We transfer them to your counterparty in the specified currency to the account or in cash



Cryptocurrency payments usually arrive within minutes. After this, we take up to 3 days to send the currency, but usually we process the payment within a day. If this is a cash withdrawal, usually within a day.

Maximum payment

to 2 000 000$
At once

Minimum payment

from 3000$
Payment in US dollars

from 3000$
USDT, USDC, BTC and others

from 1000€
Payment in euros

from 100 000¥
Payment in RMB


  • Prompt and clear support service will assist in filling out all the necessary documents.
  • Agency agreement with a partner, which includes the signatures of the parties and account details BitCash Pay
  • Order to execute a payment containing the recipient’s details.
  • Instruction to make a payment according to the sample attached to the agency agreement
  • An invoice from the recipient, issued in the name of the paying agent without mentioning the Russian side. This document is required by the payment agent to make a payment through a foreign bank.


Examples of documents:

Invoice for payment

Agency contract

Public offer of service

We give a 100% guarantee that we will deliver your money to the recipient. We also guarantee that we take on all payment risks. If at any point the money is “lost”, we will pay again or refund you the entire amount in full.


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